Tone Tubby Black AlNiCo 12 16-ohm H1EDD Hempcone Speaker

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Tone Tubby Black AlNiCo 12", 16-Ohm, H1EDD Hempcone, 60-watts, Speaker

NEW from Tone Tubby, the Tone Tubby Black AlNiCo 12 Speaker with the H1EDD Hempcone!  "Double-Dipped" (DD) Hempcone provides more upper mids and sparkle.  Compared to the original red AlNiCo 12", the new Black AlNiCo 12" has a higher power rating, more upper-mids, and slightly more sparkle, but still retains the performance and characteristics of the original red AlNiCo 12's smooth and warm tone, with a mid-range airiness and fat, silky and thick overdrive without any harsh high end and NO beyond-the-limits "farting out" that tends to plague other low-wattage AlNiCo speakers!

Hempcone Comparison:

  • H1         Original Hempcone, darker sounding, ONLY available as a special order
  • H1E       Current standard Hempcone on the Red AlNiCo 12, most balanced sounding Hempcone, rich and full lows, mids and highs
  • H1EDD  Brightest hempcone, with rich and full lows, mids and highs and more sparkle, ONLY available on the Black AlNiCo 12

The Tone Tubby Black AlNiCo 12 is an excellent replacement for vintage and current production Marshall, Vox, Mesa, Fender, Hughes & Kettner and many other amplifiers.


Nominal Diameter




Power Rating


Magnet Weight & Type

34-oz AlNiCo

Frequency Response 100 - 5.5kHz


99 dB

Cone Type

H1EDD Hempcone

Voice Coil Diameter 1-3/4"
Depth 6.55" (With Bell Cover)
6.1" (WithOUT Bell Cover

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